Warny zero is a customizable, lite version of WARNY DESIGNED TO RUN ON THE AWS PANORAMA APPLIANCE

When revolutionary technology comes along, some businesses are resistant to change. They're too slow to move with the times, afraid of technology they don't fully understand and prefer to cling to stone-age operating procedures – even if they expose their employees to unnecessary dangers.

While no business is completely immune to operational risk, those who are smart enough to stay ahead of the game can drastically reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Warny zerØ creates a far safer workplace and can substantially reduce the costs workplace accidents have on the bottom line.

The Challenge

Environments can be high risk, even life threatening, around industrial machinery, production lines, and robotic production areas. There are serious OH&S challenges for food processing, mining, recycling, manufacturing and other equipment intensive industries and most existing solutions are highly static in nature.

The Solution

Warny zerØ is customizable for multiple use cases. The software can establish multiple zones in the same field of view and create complex shaped zones in a few clicks. Warny zerØ allows for simultaneous exclusion zones and safety zones in same field of view.

The Benefits

Dramatically improved visibility of OH&S rule adherence. Fast, easy and inexpensive deployment of computer vision models. Integration with practically any existing IP cameras. Tailor solutions for specific use case. Open user community for use case scenarios.

This is Warny zerØ

Employees are only human – they forget safety procedures, cut corners and even disregard rules at their own risk. Don't leave it up to chance – install Warny zerØ now and leverage the power of AI to ensure staff follow safety procedures 24/7.