Keeping your work environments SAFE with Computer Vision

Every year, the 10 most common workplace injuries cost US companies over $59.9 BILLION. Slips, falling objects, vehicle crashes, unsafe manual handling – these accidents are so innocuous they can't be prevented by using traditional methods like danger signs and high visibility workwear.

Warny is a revolutionary solution that will change the way companies view safety. It monitors a workplace 24/7, acting in real-time preventing accidents and sending safety alerts when a hazard is identified. Warny is already saving lives and providing valuable insights which are culminating in the reduction workplace injuries and safety-related expenses in businesses across America and globally.

Automatically Detect Hazards BEFORE They Happen

Workplace injuries can have a devastating impact on a business. They can cause significant injuries or even death to employees… create an unsafe environment that leaves staff unhappy or unwilling to work… and have a huge impact on a company's bottom line. The scary thing is, most hazards go unnoticed simply because staff are lucky enough to avoid them.

Save $10M+ Every Year And Reduce Accidents

When it comes to workplace safety, prevention is a LOT cheaper than the cure. In fact, it's estimated that every $1 a business spends on workplace safety will result in a $4 ROI. This highlights the need to be proactive – especially if the workplace is a high-risk area with heavy machinery and potential safety hazards. A single accident could cost a business $100,000s in stop work orders, lawsuits and worker compensation payouts.

Warny monitors the workplace and sends safety alerts in real-time – giving companies the capability to stop accidents BEFORE they happen. Not only can this prevent employees from serious harm, but also save the business thousands – or even millions – of dollars in the process.

Proximity Breaches

Our Warny™ Gateway (edge device) ingests CCTV video streams and detects people, heavy machinery, forklifts, vehicles, etc. Once detected, the edge device calculates each object's predicted trajectory, giving insights around when objects may collide or be within a proximity that is too close.

Based on configured thresholds, alerts are generated. Alerts and detection data are sent in real-time to our Platform for further processing and are then used in dashboards and reports which are provided in real-time or as needed.

Exclusion Zones

We know that areas in an environment can change between being safe and unsafe depending on operations within that environment. Because of this there is a built-in exclusion zone functionality to define areas which may be hazardous.

We also understand these areas may change within some environments, so whether the exclusion zone is fixed, or it constantly changes – the system captures the breach appropriately.

Understanding What's Important

Stop Potentially Fatal Injuries BEFORE They Occur

Warny automatically identifies hazards so companies can stop them pro-actively.

Save Millions Of Dollars In Injury-related Expenses

With a substantial reduction in workplace injuries, a business could save millions of dollars every year on lawsuits, OSHA claims and worker compensation.

Improve Workplace Safety In A Matter Of Minutes

Warny can function through your existing network of cameras, making the start-up cost low and the timeframe to get up and running fast.

Make Life Easy For Your Safety Team

Warny frees up hours of time for OHS and leadership teams and help them make more informed decisions that result in fewer workplace accidents.

Easy To Use

There's no special training required outside of initial installation. If you have access to the internet you can access to our platform.

An Investment You Can't Lose Money On

Reduce workplace injuries and accidents or we'll refund every cent you paid, guaranteed – it's a risk-free investment.

Ensure Employees Follow The Correct Safety Procedures At All Times

Employees are only human – they forget safety procedures, cut corners and even disregard rules at their own risk. It's crucial that companies take the right precautions to ensure they follow OHS practices to a tee.

This is especially true if for industries that pay out MILLIONS in direct and indirect costs from workplace injuries and fatalities.