Thermy provides readings in real time with a variance of +/- 0.35 degrees

Using a thermal CCTV camera, Thermy provides readings in real time and then stores this data in the cloud for remote access and analysis. The data is immediately captured and generates an alert if someone with an elevated temperature profile is identified.

Based on the core technology of Bigmate's existing "Warny" solution, which has been tested and proven over many years, Thermy was designed to be implemented in almost any environment. Thermy focuses on each person detected and eliminates all background imagery. This means Thermy has very few baseline requirements and can be used almost anywhere.

Thermy Camera

Designed for Inside and Outside

Thermy is simple and easy to deploy it has been designed to identify people that exhibit abnormal temperature both in terms of their skin temperature and by applying AI to compare their temperature with others in the environment. Thermy undertakes multiple assessments per person while they remain visible.

Thermy Image

Beyond Temperature

Thermy incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify abnormal temperatures because we need to do more than just look for a temperature. Thermy also does not perform facial recognition ensuring that people being scanned remain anonymous in the data and beyond, whilst allowing screening staff to identify people in real time for further consultation with them.


There are a range of benefits that appear from the implementation of Thermy. The key benefits are as follows:

    +/- 0.35 degrees Farenheit*
    There's no special training required outside of initial installation - pre-screen your workplace almost straight away.
  • AXIS & AWS:
    We work seamlessly with the Axis Thermal camera and we are powered by AWS for the edge and cloud services that ensures best of breed across the board.
    Thermy only scans for temperatures located on specific zones on a humans face, so if a car drives past or someone's holding a hot cup of coffee Thermy's readings are unaffected.
    As Thermy uses core technologies found in our thermal imaging and video safety solutions that have been around for years, it has all of their strengths, so you get reliability, scalability and performance from years of development and refinement.
    Warny was developed as a global product to be rolled out globally, so we have built and host all of our infrastructure on AWS.
* Based on pre-dispatch calibration by Bigmate, a sample range of between 90.5 and 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit and initial testing of the Thermy solution, as more source data becomes available and further testing is completed the stated figures will be further refined.