Working with both large and small organizations in multiple industries, we've helped a multitude of customers streamline their operations and envision strategic solutions. Find out how we apply our deep IP, knowledge, methodologies, and experience of scalable computer vision to create meaningful impact that leads to (big!) results.

Waste Management

Recycling/Trash Receptacle Monitoring

Industry: Waste Management

Overflowing trash containers result in a bad customer experience, cause people to litter...

Commerce and Shopping

Shopping Cart Locating and Tracking

Industry: Commerce

The Insights Platform allows for the locating of lost trolleys, saving the cost of replacement...

Construction, Public Works

Asset Tracking - Construction/Maintenance

Industry: Construction, Public Works

Our Insights Platform enables locating of large, highly valuable machinery parts and attachments...

Water Level Management

Water Level Management

Industry: Municipal Water Management

The Bigmate Platform allows for the consistent monitoring of water tanks and detection of high or low water levels....

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Industry: Public Health

The Bigmate Platform provides accurate measuring, monitoring and managing of air quality and pollutants...

County & Public Facilities

Public Amenities Utilization

Industry: County & Public Facilities

The Bigmate Platform can detect over servicing or under servicing of public amenities...

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Industry: Transport

The Bigmate Platform is designed to monitor and manage fleets of vehicles...