Vehicle & Plant Hire

Vehicle and Plant Hire Solutions

Keep track of your bread and butter

There is a lot of trust involved in the vehicle and plant hire business but through the implementation of telematics to fleets made available for public use, you can monitor the location and performance metrics of your valuable assets, even while they’re not in your control.

When a vehicle or piece of equipment is hired by a customer they agree to use the item safely, responsibly and in a matter that will not cause unnecessary damage. The beauty of GPS technology is that it allows previously unachievable levels of transparency to become a reality.

By pinpointing perceived operational issues to the date and time they occurred, hire companies can fully shift liability for damage or mis-use of hired items to the correct customer. Maintenance tracking and scheduling can also be fine-tuned to highly efficient levels, without the need for physical checks of the vehicles, which will also save time.

And when it comes to knowing exactly how much to charge for the use of a vehicle or piece of equipment, it’s no longer a guessing game or relying on the customer’s word – with GPS tracking technology, precise usage data and mileage is instantly available.

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