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BIGmate understands the Transport & Logistics sector and its challenges around compliance, regulations and legislations. We also support relevant government agencies and peak bodies in their endeavours to make the transport sector safer and more profitable.

We fully understand how technology plays a large part in this industry.

Bigmate Smart Asset Solutions

We’ve gone through the TCA type-approval* process, so you don’t have to!

With five rigorous stages comprising intensive scrutiny of products and processes, Bigmate’s TCA type-approved endorsement provides the assurance on robustness, accuracy, reliability, tamper evidence, data storage and security which gives you the assurance that your businesses can operate with confidence.

Securing TCA IVU type-approval is a big deal for Bigmate, who with 14 years experience in GPS tracking, now looks forward to providing even smarter asset solutions to heavy vehicle and transport fleet management clients.

Make sure your fleet is good to go when new regulatory initiatives underpinned by legislation are introduced.

IAP, ISC, and OBM are already here.

ULTImate IDP-782 ticks all the boxes

  • IVU type-approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA)*
  • Fully compliant with over 35 Australian, New Zealand and Global electrical and environmental standards
  • Fully tamper evident with alarms monitored
  • IP65 rated to withstand the harshest environmental standards
  • Satellite antenna is IP67 rated
  • 50,000 buffered message log (store & forward)
  • Second-by-second data capture
  • Ready to integrate On-Board-Scales
  • 4 x configurable analog/digital inputs/outputs, 2 x dedicated outputs (sink-ground), 2 x RS-232; 1 x RS-485; 1-CAN bus (1-Wire), 3 axis accelerometer, iButton interface, Mini-B USB Slot, Two SIM card slots
  • Backup battery will store data for 28 days (low power mode) where power is not detected
  • Sophisticated Low Power modes to extend operation under backup battery mode
  • Geofencing: 128 Polygons inside the IVU
  • Over the Air (OTA) for on-going configuration and/or modifications
  • Garmin integration ready
  • Tablet/Screen integration ready
  • 12 volt


Bigmate Smart Asset Solutions

BigMate is a supplier of a type-approved Telematics IVU

*IDP-782 TCA Type-Approved IVU (ULTImate)

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