Speed zone check

Real time intelligent speed zone check for only $3 per month!

Including real time intelligent speed zone checks with your GPS tracking and monitoring system will result in huge improvements to your driver’s safety and your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Excessive or inappropriate speed is a significant factor in serious road accidents. Road safety authorities around the world devote considerable resources to addressing the speeding problem - particularly compliance with speed limits.

The BIGmate AWS software assists drivers keep to the speed limits by checking the current location of the vehicle and queries the database to find the correct speed limit for that area, even when variable speed zones apply (eg school zones that apply at certain times of the day and only on certain days).

Speed zone check key features and benefits:

  • Assists drivers in keeping to the lawful speed limit, particularly as they pass through different speed zones or unfamiliar areas.
  • Connected to an extensive nationwide, time-based database which includes areas of variable speed limits such as school zones
  • Available on all cellular devices
  • Multiple warnings are available if a driver exceeds the speed limit, such as...
    • If speed is greater than the speed limit
    • If speed is greater than the speed limit + 10%
    • If speed is greater than 15km/h over the speed limit
    • Plus a hybrid of rules may also be inputted to generate warnings specific to your needs

BIGmate’s easy to install devices and powerful software provides accurate reporting and the answers to many of your previously unanswerable questions.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Package cost of $3 per month excludes GST, device and software subscription

To start using speed zone check for only $3 per month, per device, place your order with BIGmate today!

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