Tracking Solutions

Unlock information to make better business decisions

When it comes to your business’ vehicle and equipment vital signs, there’s only one way to keep your finger on the pulse.

BIGmate’s fully customisable GPS tracking technology will help you save money and reduce the time it takes to track and monitor your fleet vehicles and other mobile equipment.

Benefit from complete transparency of utilisation, productivity and driver safety and behaviour, as well as increased security of assets leading to reduced insurance premiums through demonstrated theft prevention measures.

The ability to make better business decisions will come naturally through using BIGmate to track and monitor your assets. It’s time to say goodbye to time-consuming manual methods and step into the future with BIGmate.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) functions at a glance:

  • Current status
  • Engine hours, location and speed
  • Range of reports including driver behaviour (seatbelt usage), activity (handbrake application), location based and fuel reports
  • Instances of user-defined exceptions (harsh acceleration, braking or cornering)
  • Condition monitoring with full audit trails on all parameters
  • Messaging to/from operators, job dispatching and status
  • Use of geofences to define areas of importance

Key benefits:

  • All the information on your assets will be at your fingertips - on your mobile, tablet or PC.
  • Save on fuel consumption and reduce vehicle wear and tear
  • Manage maintenance status and intervals based on hours, odometer, time or alert conditions
  • Combination of cellular and satellite tracking solutions to offer anywhere, anytime solutions
  • Easy trend analysis to drive further improvement

Added Extras:

  • Duress Button


    A duress button added to the functionality of GPS tracking devices will provide peace of mind to vehicle operators and employers.

    The duress button provides an alert system between the vehicle and back office that is activated at the push of a button (while in close proximity to the connected vehicle). When the signal is received by the BIGmate AWS, an email or SMS notification is automatically generated and sent to specified contacts.

  • iButton Readers


    iButton tags are small tokens which store a unique identifier to track driver identification. The driver of a vehicle can scan their iButton tag in the reader, registering themselves as the operator of the vehicle.

    Scanned tag information is reported on the BIGmate AWS as event messages which can be used to generate usage reports.

  • Incident Replay and Post Play Logs

    Incident Replay

    Incident replay is generally used in conjunction with Driver Behaviour monitoring. The incident replay data can be used to step through the moments before an alarm.

    Incident post play works in much the same manner, except sends logs after the event. Incident replay and post play is triggered by general speeding, acceleration, deceleration and also geofence based speeding.

  • Event Recorders

    Event Recorder

    The Simple Event Recorder provides seven buttons which can be assigned to an event or status.

    Perfect applications include Garbage Truck Activity and Gravel Road Inspection Reporting.

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