Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

A simple sticker provides the solution to tracking your moveable assets, recording its last known location

BIGmate's innovative moveable asset tracking solution (minor plant) will help you ensure your lost tools and equipment are a thing of the past.

This solution is extremely beneficial to the mining and construction industries as well as local governments who will enjoy the benefits of easily tracking or locating their moveable assets such as chainsaws, whipper snippers or power tools.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used in conjunction with a GPS tracking device and is the ‘tracking of things’ which can be applied to anything from goods on a store shelf to tools in the back of a truck.

A heavy duty sticker, encasing a small, non-powered tracking device, is applied to any asset you’d like to track and protect. Via long range, high speed RFID the asset can be tracked and information sent back to base each time the asset leaves or enters your depot or other nominated location. The tracking device encased in the sticker and applied to your asset will ensure you know where your tools and equipment are at all times.

Tracking these assets with GPS technology and knowing their location at all times will ensure your assets are utilised to their full potential as well as significantly decreasing the losses your business suffers due to missing or stolen tools and equipment.

Contact us to find out how the BIGmate RFID asset tracking solution can save your business $$$ in lost and stolen tools and equipment.


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