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Word-of-mouth is of one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses today.

By installing BIGmate’s GPS tracking technology to your vehicles you can provide speedy and efficient delivery of your products and services, and it won’t be long before your customers start spreading the good word about your business, resulting in new customers and ultimately, more revenue.

In addition to more income, but you’ll be running your business at its highest efficiency level, saving you time and money and boosting your profit even further.

Efficiencies can be achieved through vehicle location tracking, condition monitoring and two-way messaging which will keep you in control of your vehicles and people without the need to physically check or interrupt the flow of traffic with intrusive phone calls.

Take your business to the next level – make BIGmate your secret weapon in providing exceptional service to your customers.


  • Custom Solution

    Traffic Logistics

    Traffic Logistics is a 24/7 operation providing traffic control management services across all areas of greater Sydney, Wollongong and the south coast of New South Wales.

    In September 2014, Traffic Logistics’ General Manager Karl Fort and his team implemented BIGmate GPS tracking devices within their large fleet of vehicles, specifically to utes and small trucks. The improvements and efficiencies that have been achieved as a result are as impressive as they are diverse.

    Throughout the initial supplier selection process Karl explains that he was looking for a specific GPS tracking solution. While other companies were offering generic ‘off the shelf’ products that required software installations to individual computers, BIGmate’s offering of a fully customised, pure web-based system ticked all the right boxes.

    Traffic Logistics chose a ‘Plug and Play’ GPS device which is quickly and easily fitted to vehicles via the On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) connector which is a standard feature in all vehicles built after 2006. Karl says, “The Plug and Play devices are brilliant because we have mostly modern vehicles in our fleet. Anyone can install them and that’s a big plus. Activating the devices with the BIGmate support team is a breeze too, the staff are super-responsive and go out of their way to meet my requests.”

    The GPS tracking devices installed within the Traffic Logistics fleet provide rich data on where a vehicle travelled and how fast, idle times, as well as providing exception reports on things like heavy braking and speeding. Geofencing has also proven to be a very useful feature.

    The major improvements to Traffic Logistics’ operations that are a direct result of implementing the BIGmate system include:

    • Modified employee behaviour with higher levels of honesty and trust
    • Fuel savings as a result of allocators knowing the whereabouts of work vehicles leading to efficient utilisation
    • Faster response times to customer call outs from the ability to see which crew is closest to the customer’s worksite
    • Cost savings due to lower emissions that can be passed back to customers
    • No more disputes over speeding fines due to easy identification of exactly who was driving the vehicle when the fine was incurred
    • Removal of hand-written vehicle log books

    Karl says Removing the vehicle log books has taken away a lot of frustration because we could never get the information we needed in a timely manner – we were forever chasing the crews up for odometer readings to maintain servicing levels. Now we just log into the BIGmate system and print a weekly report because everything is right there and completely transparent.

    Preparing and winning tenders has also been made easier for Traffic Logistics who proudly boast they have a fantastic fleet management software solution that is simple, cheap and above all, exactly the product they were looking for.



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