Mining Solutions

Keep your people safe

Mining, and in particular underground mining is risky business.

To ensure the highest level of safety on site, GPS tracking and monitoring is a must and BIGmate is the premium Australian provider of this technology.

BIGmate gives you the capability to monitor equipment remotely, no matter how far flung it is, eliminating the need to send staff to dangerous areas to physically carry out status checks.

With BIGmate you can also prevent an accident before it happens by tracking the movement of vehicles on your site and identifying areas where traffic or driver behaviour improvements need to be made.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and what it all boils down to is without GPS tracking technology you’re flying blind when it comes to assuring the highest safety standards. Harness the power of BIGmate and ensure the highest safety standards for your site and your people.

Be cost competitive

The mining industry experiences peaks and downturns that swing with the tide of commodity pricing. In periods of decline, cost cutting becomes the highest priority with many companies living and dying on how competitive they can be. All mining companies should have GPS technology implemented across their sites to ensure asset utilisation and maintenance schedules are not only running effectively but are tightened to the nth degree. GPS tracking and condition monitoring can be put into action quickly and cheaply and it’s a small price to pay to ensure the thinnest possible operational margins.

You don’t know what you’re missing!

There are a myriad of ways mobile assets can go missing from mine sites – stealing, by accident or they can simply disappear for no reason at all. If you’re not using BIGmate GPS tracking technology, you don’t know what you’re missing – literally!

Losing tools and equipment should not be considered a normal part of everyday – these items cost money to replace and once they are there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again. This can be easily and cost-effectively avoided by implementing BIGmate’s GPS technology to track and monitor your assets.

If it’s valuable, you should be tracking it

Have you ever had an expensive and assumed stationary asset simply grow legs and walk off site? It could have been easily avoided and for only a fraction of the cost of the original asset.

With a BIGmate GPS tracking device installed onto expensive items such as generators and compressors you can ensure you’ll never lose them again. It’s really that easy.



Spartan Mining

Spartan Mining Group has been using the BIGmate GPS system in all facets of their operations in the Bowen Basin since 2012.

BIGmate tracking devices have been installed in company cars, fitters’ utilities, crew buses, trucks, courier vans and stationary plant. The intel that is readily available from the tracking software has provided invaluable knowledge on vehicle location and mileage for servicing purposes.

Managers within Spartan Mining Group’s transport function use geofences to define the boundaries of all the mine sites where the company delivers underground machinery and other products. This capability provides information on the times that trucks enter and exit various mine sites, to ensure optimum levels of productivity and service delivery.

If there is a query from a client as to how far away a delivery is, the company can pinpoint exact vehicle locations to provide a deeper level of service and keep customers updated and happy. On longer interstate runs, BIGmate has again assisted in providing the location of prime movers as well as monitoring speed levels.

Historically, Spartan Mining Group has also used BIGmate GPS technology to locate a crew bus that went missing in Queensland, and to monitor a stationary compressor located in a remote area of a Bowen Basin mine site. The compressor was being used to supply air underground but the hours of use, and thereby service intervals were very hard to keep track of due to its location. With a BIGmate GPS device installed, staff no longer had to physically visit the machine just to check the hours of use. Just a few more examples of BIGmate’s endless ability to create multiple time and cost savings for our customers.

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