Local Government

When efficiency is key

Drawing the highest level of efficiency from vehicles and equipment is vital for any organisation but especially for Local Government.

Using our advanced GPS tracking and monitoring technology BIGmate can assist in cutting operating costs to a minimum, with no impact to your level of service to ratepayers by refining asset efficiency to its leanest levels.

Many Local Government bodies are already reaping the rewards of improved service delivery for their residents through the use of BIGmate's GPS tracking technology, particularly in regards to fleet management, road inspections and maintenance, waste management and even resource allocation during natural disasters.

Local Government Solutions

See the benefits:

  • Increased asset utilisation
  • Reduced public liability
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Better provision of service to ratepayers

With BIGmate you can keep tabs on company cars, work utes, garbage trucks and earthmoving equipment quicker and easier than even before. Event Recorders will assist with road and environment inspections and to manage activities such as waste disposal and street sweeping. In addition, public liability exposure will be reduced through the availability of full audit trails, providing an accurate log of asset whereabouts in the event of a public dispute.

During natural disasters such as cyclones, flooding and fires, GPS tracking can help speed up the recovery effort by ensuring resources are right where they need to be, particularly State Emergency Service vehicles.

BIGmate is a proud supporter of the Institute of Public Works and Engineering Australasia.



  • Using BIGmate to prevent theft

    Shellharbour City Council

    Shellharbour City Council implemented BIGmate’s advanced GPS tracking system at the end of 2012 and it didn't take long to produce a return.

    Devices were initially fitted to three of the Council’s lifeguard quad bikes. On the weekend before Christmas 2012, a break-in occurred and one of the quad bikes was stolen.

    A quick look at the BIGmate tracking system showed the vehicle had been taken on a midnight trek at high speed through suburban streets and parklands to a large bush park.

    A search by Police and council staff located the quad bike in a creek bed camouflaged with foliage ready for an assumed later pick-up.

    The return of this vehicle was a great result for Shellharbour City Council and their community. Plant Superintendent John Maslanka says “It fully confirmed and justified our decision to implement GPS tracking. By preventing one theft, the savings in our insurance excess offset the initial cost of implementing the program.”

    “I am very happy with the product and the service supplied by BIGmate. We have now extended our use of the system to our Community Transport Fleet and we’re aiming to achieve full roll-out to these vehicles shortly. Everything is going very well and the back-up support we receive from the BIGmate team is great.”


    Town of Gawler

    Located north of Adelaide, Town of Gawler implemented BIGmate tracking devices to mowers, utes and tractors at the end of 2013.

    Fleet Officer Tony Bizzai says “With the implementation of the BIGmate system we have seen significant improvements in scheduling work and monitoring progress, particularly within our mowing program. Previously the mowing was completed on an ad-hoc basis but now we have been able to develop a clear program to maximise our mowing rounds and make it all much more efficient.”

  • Know what your assets are doing 24/7

    Narrabri Shire Council

    Narrabri Shire Council in North West New South Wales adopted BIGmate’s GPS tracking and monitoring technology in 2008 to monitor equipment hours for services and efficiency, as well as to assist in preventing equipment theft. GPS tracking devices are also used for pinpointing the location of equipment for OH&S purposes, with some machines having operator assist buttons.

    Another benefit has been complete transparency of the location of machines which is readily available if a service is required, even if operational staff are on a Rostered Day Off or sick leave. Narrabri Shire Council covers a large geographical area – some 1400 square km – therefore equipment is often parked up in remote areas, which increases the risk of theft.

    Using BIGmate’s GPS monitoring solution, Narrabri Shire Council’s Fleet and Supply Manager Brett Dickinson can monitor equipment use during the day, and after work hours he has the confidence of knowing that BIGmate is keeping a second eye on the Council’s equipment.

    Using BIGmate’s Website Solution, Brett has setup special ‘after hour alarms’ on each piece of equipment. The exception alarms will trigger if the equipment is activated at any time during the night, providing current location and starting time information via SMS and email to Brett and several other Shire Council employees.

    When plant is needed for any reason during the night, the overseer will email or call to indicate that they are taking the machine. If a call is not received when an alarm is activated after hours Brett says “there’s a fair chance that a machine has been broken into and is in the process of being stolen or driven onto the back of a truck. With the cost of machines today, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind”. Brett adds that with this instant information “we can act accordingly to notify local authorities to stop the theft before its too late”.

    During the fire season the location of Council’s equipment was used by the NSW Rural Fire Service and Council in the battle with the Section 44 fire that took place in the area. Brett says it was “an instant operational tool that was invaluable to the resource personnel at hand.”

    From an overall perspective, the BIGmate GPS Monitoring solution has provided the Narrabri Shire Council with accurate information required to manage and coordinate the fleet and council operations to its full potential.

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