Light Vehicles

Light Vehicle Solutions

Company cars, work utes, quad bikes and vans can all be tracked with BIGmate’s GPS technology making it easy to manage locations, usage metrics and maintenance requirements.

BIGmate’s easy to install devices and powerful software provides accurate reporting and the answers to many of your previously unanswerable questions.

Location – Know where your assets are and what they are doing. Date and time, GPS location, GPS speed, distance travelled, ignition and engine hours, and fleet maintenance schedules will all be readily available, along with geofencing capability.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) – Monitor the performance of the vehicle and the driver. From speeding to harsh cornering and even fatigue management, you can keep your employees safe.

Utilisation – Manage and report on engine and activity hours plus fuel usage.

Maintenance – Monitor the condition of your vehicles to keep servicing schedules well-oiled based on hours, distance and time travelled.

Job dispatch and two-way messaging – Allocate resources with the click of a button and keep the lines of communication open without the need for interruptive phone calls – all through the power of GPS tracking technology.

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