Equipment Solutions

Tracking any piece of mobile or stationary equipment will result in huge benefits for your business, by way of cost and time reductions.

For stationary equipment consider generators, welders, air compressors, cranes, shipping containers, and pumps – those expensive items on your asset register that may have a habit of disappearing into thin air. Tracking these items with GPS technology will significantly decrease the losses your business suffers due to missing and stolen equipment.

Time will also be saved when it comes to monitoring these pieces of equipment, especially if they are positioned in remote locations. Physical condition checks will be unnecessary because you can simply logon to the BIGmate AWS and see a full utilisation and performance report in just a few clicks of your mouse.

For mobile equipment including water trucks, back hoes, mowers, slashers, graders, rollers, dozers and dump trucks, you can keep maintenance schedules tight and productivity levels even tighter with the ability to see how, where and when the equipment was used.

Fixed Plant Equipment – The BIGmate system offers true condition monitoring of multiple parameters plus the ability to influence plant from a distance with remote on/off switching capabilities and controlled output.

Remote Equipment – Monitor your equipment no matter where it is (even underground!) through BIGmate’s communication options including cellular, satellite or a hybrid combination of both.

Asset Tracking RFID – The latest in technology will allow you to track every piece of equipment on a vehicle, from tools to generators. Imagine knowing where every piece of equipment is at all times and imagine the savings as a result of cancelling out equipment losses.


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