BIGmate's type-approved IVU: a telematics industry game-changer

Australian telematics specialist, BIGmate, is proud to announce that it has obtained type-approval by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) for one of its Telematics In-Vehicle Units (IVUs).

This approval makes BIGmate the first telematics provider in Australia that isn’t already certified as an official Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Service Provider to be able to offer a stand-alone, type-approved Telematics IVU.

Designed as an entirely new telematics product offering, BIGmate’s type-approved Telematics IVU is a future-ready hardware solution for a range of industry sectors, including transport.

Much like a smartphone, the type-approved unit can be individualised by installing a variety of applications that can be updated, changed and removed in line with changing legislation and varying company needs – making the BIGmate IVU prepared for the future of telematics.

“By having put forward its Telematics IVU for independent assessment and type-approval by TCA, BIGmate can now clearly distinguish its Telematics IVU offering from others in the market,” commented TCA CEO, Chris Koniditsiotis.

“The new BIGmate IVU truly marks the next stage of telematics evolution,” said BIGmate Managing Director, Mark Shield.

“Obtaining TCA type-approval was an important move by BIGmate, which will allow us to move to support the needs of different industry sectors and end-users.

"BIGmate’s Telematics IVU has been designed with the future in mind, and not only signals our plan to seek type-approval of Telematics IVUs, but to obtain subsequent endorsement from TCA for those Telematics IVUs to support regulatory applications such as the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) – and On-Board Mass (OBM) linked to the IAP – as well as the forthcoming introduction of the Electronic Work Diary (EWD).

“The benefits of our type-approved Telematics IVU will be made available across a range of industry sectors that BIGmate supports. Besides the freight and logistics sector, BIGmate will also promote the benefits of its type-approved Telematics IVU in the mining, insurance and marine sectors, as well as to fleet managers.”

BIGmate General Manager of Regulatory Applications, Rohan De Silva, agreed, “Our type-approved Telematics IVU has been designed to support future needs, including the rapid emergence of Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS), Vehicle to Vehicle (VtoV), Vehicle to Infrastructure (VtoI) and Vehicle to Elsewhere (V2X) applications."


TCA type-approves Telematics IVUs on the basis of ‘type’, against the performance-based requirements contained in the Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification. This means that purchasers can rely on TCA type-approval to ensure conformance with requirements sought by government, industry sectors and end-users – be it in regard to robustness, accuracy, reliability, tamper evidence, data storage or security.

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