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Stolen bus recovered by police using BIGmate's GPS technology

Police recently recovered a mini bus which was stolen from a Melbourne tour bus depot with the help of GPS tracking technology provided by BIGmate Monitoring Services.

The bus was not meant to be operational that day, but when our customer logged in early that morning to check his fleet as usual, he noticed the bus was moving!

An early morning call to BIGmate support to ensure what he was seeing was in fact correct, prompted him to check the depot immediately and sure enough the bus was missing!

Our customer was able to quickly download the necessary tracking history through the BIGmate AWS and provide this information to police. Through the tracking history police were able to easily see the path the bus had travelled throughout the morning, stopping for about 30 minutes at several locations, where other criminal activities took place.

Luckily for our customer, the bus was recovered shortly after being reported stolen and thanks to the BIGmate tracking history, police were able to back track the path the criminals had taken. Matching these addresses with reported break and enters, police were able to return most of the stolen belongings, which were recovered along with the bus, to their rightful owners. BIGmate National Sales Manager, Craig Sainsbury said it was wonderful feedback and whilst the bus did receive minor damage, it was great to have a positive outcome for another happy BIGmate customer.

“The BIGmate team were able to provide regular updates to police with exact addresses of the stolen bus as it was being moved. This up-to-date information greatly sped up the search process for police and ultimately has seen it returned to the owner that much quicker”.

“Stories like these really prove how valuable BIGmate GPS tracking devices can be in any situation, for any type of vehicle or piece of equipment”.

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