The National Equestrian Centre's stolen quad bike, recovered with the help of BIGmate

BIGmate'S GPS technology leads police to stolen quad bike

Victorian police officers have recovered a quad bike that was stolen from the National Equestrian Centre at Werribee Park, Victoria with the help of GPS tracking technology provided by BIGmate Monitoring Services.

The quad bike was stolen overnight on August 12 but unbeknownst to the would-be thieves, the vehicle had a GPS tracking device installed – it just hadn’t been activated yet.

All it took was a quick call to the BIGmate support team for the device to be activated and it immediately started transmitting data which would lead police officers to its exact location just 13 days later.

National Equestrian Centre CEO Greg Pratt said police officers had attended the address the GPS device had indicated earlier this week and successfully seized the quad bike.

“It is such a relief to get it back. In essence, without the BIGmate tracking we could never have hoped this would happen,” said Mr Pratt.

“We bought the quad bike in April last year to make it easier to get around our grounds which cover almost 35 acres. We were also told about the GPS device that was installed on the vehicle and we had plans to activate it to stay on the ball with maintenance requirements but also as an insurance policy against theft. All our machinery is valuable to us and we will certainly be looking at installing BIGmate devices onto all of our vehicles in the very near future.”

“The BIGmate team were able to provide regular updates to police with exact addresses of the quad bike as it was being moved. This up-to-date information greatly sped up the search warrant process for police officers and ultimately has seen it returned to us that much quicker.”

BIGmate National Sales Manager Craig Sainsbury said it was great to have such great feedback and a positive outcome for another happy customer.

“It’s stories like these that really prove the point of how valuable BIGmate GPS tracking devices can be in any situation, for any type of vehicle or piece of equipment.”

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